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Cigar Shop
29 January 2018

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Liquid Gold
18 November 2017

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Lewis on Well Worn
From a time when worn shoes were mended. Beautifully framed )

Lewis on Carol Lee's Farm
Pretty horse with lovely light on her red ears.

Graciel·la (Vic. Catalonia) on Carol Lee's Farm
Horses are beautiful, and they're very smart. I would have liked to have one. This is a good portrait and it is ...

Franz on Well Worn
Cool ... they have many miles behind them !

Franz on Carol Lee's Farm
What a friendly face!

Steve Rice on Carol Lee's Farm
That is a beautiful horse. Really nice colors.

Ruthiebear on Carol Lee's Farm
What a charming portrait.

Existence Artistique on Carol Lee's Farm
beau regard

Don on Carol Lee's Farm
A fine looking horse. It's great that she has her own place now where you get see the horse and give him a pat on ...

Martine Libouton on Carol Lee's Farm
Il est très beau ce cheval . Belle prise

grouser on Carol Lee's Farm
Nice comb over. Trump would be jealous :)

Mhelene on Carol Lee's Farm
Very beautiful portrait of the superb horse . That's a dream of many to have their barn and horses !

Lai Chan See on Carol Lee's Farm

Hiro on Carol Lee's Farm
really handsome horse !

tataray on Carol Lee's Farm
Merveilleux portrait. )

Michael Skorulski on Carol Lee's Farm
A beautiful animal and you have photographed in great light.

Martine on Carol Lee's Farm
Un beau cheval et quel joli regard.

Devi on Carol Lee's Farm
Looks gorgeous!! Happy she has a place now of her own..Must be such a pleasure being with them :)

Steve Rice on Well Worn
Very well worn indeed. I like the rough and ready repair job.

Michael Rawluk on Well Worn
I like this one a lot.

Nicou on Well Worn
Quels souliers et vue des anciennesw godasses sueprbe vue. amitié

Existence Artistique on Well Worn

sherri on Well Worn
and probably very comfortable : - )

Ruthiebear on Well Worn
I think my husband has a pair of shoes that look like these! There is a wonderful story in this image. Well worn life.

Rick on Well Worn
Lots of miles here; excellent shot.

Don on Well Worn
Well worn can also mean 'comfortable' until they are simply pass being wearable. A fine picture of these well ...

Martine Libouton on Well Worn
Ils ont bien marchés ceux-là ! belle prise !

grouser on Well Worn
what an excellent still life they make

Devi on Well Worn
Gosh !! Has taken all the beatings and look really WORN OUT :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Have a nice weekend Elaine ...

Mhelene on Well Worn
Superb composition .

Aubélia on Well Worn

Hiro on Well Worn
Wow, this is great ! You found a nice subject.

Gérard Flayol on Well Worn
The light of this semi-darkness is very well treated and goes perfectly with the subject

Michael Skorulski on Well Worn
A great title for this fine image. All they need is a plant growing out of them to be useful again.

Darkelf Photography on Old Barn Southern Maryland
Lovely composition.

Michael Rawluk on Old Barn Southern Maryland
That is beautifully shot.

Steve Rice on Old Barn Southern Maryland
A pretty shot of the old timer in the field of ripe grain.

Jason Kravitz on Scout and Her Dolly
Dog recovery is not always easy when they start to feel healthy and want to run and play. But great to hear Scout is ...

Lewis on Old Barn Southern Maryland
Lovely foreground, the old barn is a very pretty subject.

Lewis on Scout and Her Dolly
Looks like Scout likes her monkey. A sweet get well soon present.

Mhelene on Old Barn Southern Maryland
Verybeautiful composition around this barn with sun flowers !

sherri on Old Barn Southern Maryland
beautifully composed image so many of the USA barns are disappearing from our landscape good to you capturing them in ...

Graciel·la (Vic. Catalonia) on Old Barn Southern Maryland
A great composition ... A singular object. ... The three thirds well implemented ... Simply: I love this photo.

Existence Artistique on Old Barn Southern Maryland

Don on Old Barn Southern Maryland
A great looking barn. Excellent picture of its design.

Ruthiebear on Old Barn Southern Maryland
I like the way you composed this lovely rural view

Franz on Old Barn Southern Maryland
Nicely layered image, with the barn as the centre of attention! I hope it's still in use ...

Rick on Old Barn Southern Maryland
Superb colour depth and I love this mood of rural isolation.

Hiro on Old Barn Southern Maryland
nice color combination

grouser on Old Barn Southern Maryland
nice rich colour palette and I just love the curved roof

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